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Meet Capt. George

Hello I'm George Howell, lifelong angler and outdoor enthusiast. Like many residents in southwest Florida , I came here in search of sunshine, opportunity, and yes. WORLD CLASS FISHING! Born and raised on the outer banks of North Carolina , I spent my entire life fishing shallow sounds, bays, rivers, inlets, and beaches that are very similar to the waters offered to us in the Sunshine State . When I wasn't fishing, I was working hard to earn a degree in biology from the University of North Carolina , and I can tell you that the time spent in school has certainly helped with my understanding of the world through the eyes of fish.

Although I am unable to remember the first fish I caught, it was probably some sort of pan fish at about two years of age. When I was young all I had to say was "Let's go fishing!" and Dad had a fishing rod in my hand. He would cut the rods down to my size and off we would go. When I could not be on the water, I would practice using my casting reels and fly rods equipped with hook-less artificials in the yard. A bucket was usually my target, unless I was using Mom's flowerbeds as the "shoreline". It wasn't long before my cat joined in, and played the part of the fish, chasing the lures down and pouncing on them as I worked them through the grass! I've always loved fishing.

Fortunate enough to grow up near the coast, I was able to fish both fresh and salt-water environments thoroughly. There were more types of fish than I can list here, and I enjoyed catching them all. I can even remember being at a conference with my parents by a river, without a fishing pole, using line and a hook to catch minnows near the shore. I just wanted to catch something! With a long line of serious anglers on both sides of my family, and born under the zodiac sign of the crab, I was destined to be on the water my entire life.

Growing up, I had hopes of being a professional tournament fisherman, or better yet, to have my own fishing show! However, as I have grown older, the thought of running fishing charters has become my dream. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than providing others with a memorable day of fishing. Even my fishing buddies will attest, I would rather see them hook into that monster fish than catch one myself. Often, I take friends out fishing that don't get the chance to go as much as I do. I lose sleep at night if they are unable to catch a lot of fish. There are plenty of good anglers out there, and a lot of captains, but I will always do everything in my power to assure that the guests on my boat have the best possible day of fishing.

The fish are biting! Let's Go!

Capt. George Howell

George's Role Model Josh Woodley 1942 First Fishing Pole!

Captain George when he was known as Georgie
George's fishing battle gear!

George's first Sock lesson!

George's First Date! 1978
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